• Temperatures will be checked daily for students and staff with a no-contact thermometer at the front door. Temperatures will be logged for each day the students and staff are here.
  • Drop-off will be at the front door unless parents are making a payment or have a question for the front desk. No more than 3 parents will be allowed in the waiting area at one time. Exception: Boppin Tots classes.
  • Students should not arrive at the studio more than 5 minutes before class time.
  • Please remind your child masks MUST be worn in the studio waiting area, dressing room, and when walking around the space.
  • NO personal chairs can be placed outside studio property. *The studio rents this space and does not have permission to have personal outdoor seating. We fully understand it is an inconvenience to parents that our waiting room must remain closed. Please know this is not our personal rule, however, for the time being we appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • If you travel to any of the hot spot states or ANY international travel, you must provide the studio with either a negative COVID test or you must self-quarantine for 14 days prior to start of classes. (for summer and fall classes).
    1. 1. Class sizes will be limited to half capacity per dance room. Once a class is filled, we cannot accept any more students into that class. No exceptions.

      2. Students will be spaced in accordance with the NYC Guidelines. Tape will be marked on each dance floor to give a designated spot to each dancer. This is to ensure proper distancing.

      3. Students must wear a mask when entering the building, when in the waiting room, and when in the dressing room. Masks are optional to be worn when dancing. It is not recommended for the health of the students, however, it is up to discretion of the parent.

      4. Our summer program will be drop-off only. At this time our waiting rooms will be closed, and parents are asked to wait outside. If parents need to make payments in studio?masks must be worn and limited amount of parents will be allowed in at the same time.

      5. All classes will be 50 minutes and Boppin Tots will be 45 minutes to limit the amount of traffic in studio and allow for sanitizing between classes. Parents, please be on time to pick up your child. In the event you have an emergency and will be running late, you must call the front desk.

      6. Bathrooms will be limited to the use of students and staff only. Students must wash hands before and after class. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

      7. The studios will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by our cleaning staff daily.

      8. If students have more than one class on a particular day, please make them aware masks must be worn when transferring between classes.

      9. On the first day of class, parents must sign a waiver for their child to be able to participate in classes at this time.

      10. It is the responsibility of all staff, students, and parents to NOT come to the studio if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. Any staff or students who come into the studio and are showing symptoms will be sent home immediately.

      11. Please do not come to the studio if you or any members of your household have been in contact with someone who currently has COVID-19.

      12. It is your obligation to alert the studio owner if you or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 while taking classes this summer.

  • We are taking all precautionary measures very seriously to make this a comfortable and safe environment for our dance families. Please help us by abiding by all new regulations. As rules are changing day by day, we will keep everyone informed if any unexpected changes occur with our plans to reopen for the summer program. We will also reassess these regulations for our fall program and update as necessary.
  • Every month you or your child will receive a monthly newsletter containing important information in regards to the coming month’s activities at City Stage Dance Academy. You are responsible for all the information in the newsletters.
  • It is imperative that all students dress properly for dance classes. Students coming straight from school or work should carry their dance attire with them and change in the dressing room before class begins. Any student not following these dress codes will not be allowed to take class. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter. Our dress code is as follows:
    1. All students are expected to have proper shoes for class, no sneakers allowed.
    2. Tights or black stretch pants should be worn by all students.
    3. Anyone wearing Dance Shorts should still wear tights.
    4. No bare legs in any class please.
    5. Only the ballet classes will have a color code of pink or black, all other classes can match tights to outfit.
  • Pre-School Students: Parents are only allowed to stay in dance room for the first couple weeks, if necessary. If pre-school students are still crying after the first month the child will have to be removed from the program since crying becomes contagious! This is nothing to be ashamed of or concerned about it just means that your child is not ready for this type of program.
  • Star Cards: Children will be given a star card on the first day of class. This card is how we keep track of attendance. Please place the card in the basket at the reception desk at the beginning of every class. We will return it to your child at the end of class with the appropriate sticker or stamp.
  • In order for your child to progress in our dance program it is very important that they have a good attendance record. If your child has a long illness or if you will be away on vacation and your child will miss more than two classes please call the studio. If your child is persistently absent they may have to be removed from the program.
  • Students MUST BE ON TIME for class. If a student is going to be late please call to let their teacher know. The teacher has the right to not let a students in if they are more than 10 minutes late for class unless previously notified.
  • We are not responsible for your lost or misplaced articles. We strongly advise not to bring cell phones into the studio at any time.
  • Parents are not allowed to watch dance classes. Since children are easily distracted we keep the door closed so they are more likely to pay attention to the teacher. We do have two open house dates when parents are invited and encouraged to watch their child’s class.
  • On days when there is severe weather; please call the dance studio for information. We will change the outgoing message on the answering machine to let everyone know if we will be closed. We will also post a message on our website when we are closing due to weather.
  • We insist on respect for teachers and secretaries at all times. Any complaints will be heard if done in a respectful manner. We will not tolerate any unruly behavior. If there is an issue please make an appointment with studio director and she will be glad to hear any questions or complaints.
  • City Stage Dance Academy reserves the right to use any photographs or videos that are taken during class or performances of students who attend the studio for use advertising or marketing in print, broadcast, digital or internet formats.
  • If for any reason the student drops out of program before the end of the season, costume and tuition up to the date of students last class MUST BE PAID IN FULL

*These are the rules of our dance studio. If you or your child fails to follow these rules, you will be removed from the dance program*