EPCOT Center Performance

Madison Square Garden Performing for the Knicks

Let’s give a big shout out to our Competition Groups who competed in the two competitions this year. Everyone did an outstanding job and we are very proud of each and every one of our students!

Our Competition Teams

Beyond The Stars
April 21st -April 22nd
  • Sophia Gizzi- “Next To You “ (1st in Category & 4th Overall)
  • Erica Reith- “Faith”
  • Sophia Gizzi & Ava Fadda- “I’m Betta”
  • Neghesti Ghebremedhin- “Diva” (5th Overall)
  • Nairovi Rivera- “Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha” (7th Overall)
  • Brianna Agosto- “ Mercy” (4th Overall)
  • Gisneydy Quiroz- “You Don’t Own Me” (8th Overall)
  • Alexia Stewart- “Oh Freedom” (9th Overall)
  • Eva Evangelista- “Break” (2nd Overall)
  • Jordan Kobeck- “Alive” (1st in Catergory & 1st Overall)
  • Alexandra DiCosola- “Grown Woman” (6th Overall)
  • Alexandra DiCosola & Gisneydy Quiroz- “Stand By Me” (2nd Overall)
  • “Crushin”
  • “Opus One Boogie”
  • “Feel Again”
  • “Dancing Through The Decades” (5th Overall)
  • Danielle Giocondo –’”Arwen’s Vigil”
  • Samantha Corona- “Good Thing”
  • Yasmine Goodman- “Issues”
  • “Rise Up” (6th Overall)
  • “Lost Boys”
  • “Cell Block Tango” (8th Overall)
  • “Burn” (7th Overall)
  • “Show Girls” (2nd Overall)
  • “Say My Name” ( 1st Overall)
High Gold
  • Ava Fadda- “Dirty Diana”
  • Gracelyn Goodman- “Werk”
  • Tatiana Rodriguez- “It’s Oh So Quiet” (1st in Category & 9th Overall)
  • Cienna Santiago- “CC on That Beat” (7th Overall)
  • Yzabella Betances-“Bronx Girl”
  • Brianna Agosto & Alexia Stewart- “Small Talk” (10th Overall)
  • Angela Acosta & Victoria Reith- “Somewhere Only We Know”
  • Alexa Rodriguez- “Human”
  • “That’s What I Like”
  • “Dance Like Yo Daddy”
  • “Hair Up”
  • “Can’t Touch This”
  • “Sax”
  • “Count on Me”
  • “Princess Crown”
  • “Nothing is Promised”
  • “Spaceman”
  • “Fly Girls” (10th Overall)
  • “Party” (4th Overall)
  • “Rockin Robin” (3rd Overall)
  • “Ain’t Going Down” (5th Overall)
  • “Cold Hearted Snake”
  • “I Was Here” (9th Overall)
  • “Aladdin” (1st Overall)
Special Judges Awards
  • Invited to Nationals: Sophia Gizzi, Ava Fadda, Erica Reith & Yasmine Goodman
  • “Turns on A Dime Award” awarded to Erica Reith
  • “Phenomenal Flexibility Award” awarded to Neghesti Ghebremedhin
  • “Lovely Lines Award” awarded to Angela Acosta & Victoria Reith
  • “Crisp & Clean Award” awarded to “Can’t Touch This”
  • “Dream Team Award” awarded to “Dancing Through The Decades”
  • “Fiercly Fluid Award” awarded to Yasmine Goodman
  • Scholarship Award Winners to Summer Dance Program in NYC : “Rise Up”
  • “Ever After Award” awards to “Lost Boys”
  • Violet Provencher”– “My New Philosophy”
  • Skyla Pagan- “Angel By The Wings”
  • Amiyah Black- “Slay”

Dance Explosions

May 19-21, 2017
Extreme Platinum
  • Sophia Gizzi –” Next To You” (8th Overall)
  • Aleah Manning- “I’m Going Down”
  • Erica Reith- “Faith”
  • “Spaceman” (7th Overall)
  • “Crushin” (1st in Category & 6th Overall)
  • “Opus One Boogie”- (8th Overall)
  • “Nothing Is Promised”- (9th Overall)
  • Eva Evangelista- “Break” (1st in Category & 2nd Overall)
  • Jordan Kobeck- “Alive” (1st in Category & 6th Overall)
  • Victoria Reith- “Break Away”(1st in Category & 4th Overall)
  • Neghisti Ghebremedhin- “Diva”
  • GiGi Quiroz-“You Don’t Own Me”
  • Angela Acosta and Victoria Reith- “Somewhere Only We Know”
  • Ava Fadda- “Dirty Diana”
  • Danielle Giocondo- “Arwin’s Vigil”
  • Christina Rella- “Better Have My Money”
  • Yasmine Goodman- “Issues”
  • Samantha Corona- “Good Thing”
  • “Burn” (7th Overall)
  • “Aide” (1st in Category & 7th Overall)
  • “Cold Hearted Snake” (7th Overall)
  • “Ain’t Going Down” (1st in Category & 4th Overall)
  • “Lost Boy” (1st in Category & 4th Overall)
  • “Friend Like Me” (5th Overall)
  • “Dancing Through the Decades” (1st in Category & 4th Overall
  • Magalina Gianotti- “She Used To Be Mine”(2nd Overall)
  • Count on Me (8th Overall)
  • “Can’t Touch This” (3rd Overall)
  • “Party” (10th Overall)
  • “Bailar” (6th Overall)
  • “Say My Name” ( 1st in Category & 8th Overall)
  • “Burn” (7th Overall)
  • Alexandra DiCosola- “Grown Woman” (8th Overall)
  • Alexandra DiCosola & Gigi Quiroz- “Stand By Me” (1st in Category & 1st Overall)
  • “Feel Again” (1st in category & 10th Overall)
  • “Can Can” (1st in Category)
  • Ava Fadda & Sophia Gizzi- “I’m Betta” (7th Overall)
  • Rachel Rodriguez – “Wolf” (4th Overall)
Extreme Gold
  • Alexia Stewart- “Freedom”
  • Brianna Agosto- “Mercy”
  • Brianna Agosto & Alexis Steward- “Small Talk”
  • Violet Provencher- “My New Philosphy” (10th Overall)
  • Amiyah Black- “I Slay” (9th Overall)
  • Cienna Santiago- “ CC on the Beat” (8th Overall)
  • Yzabella Betances- “Bronx Girl” (7th Overall)
  • Gracelyn Goodman- “Who’s In Charge of the Girls” (8th Overall)
  • Tatiana Rodriguez- “ It’s Oh So Quiet” ( 4th Overall)
  • Gabriella Carozza- “Your Song” (3rd Overall)
  • Gabriella Herrara & Gabriella Fernandez- “She Used to Be Mine” ( 4th overall)
  • “Unsteady”
  • “Candyman”
  • “Scars to Your Beautiful”
  • Nairovi Rivera- “Blah Blah Blah Cha Cha Cha”
  • Skyla Pagan- “Angel By The Wings”
  • Alexa Rodriguez- “Human”
  • Jolie Rhem- ”His Daughter” (9th Overall)
Special Judges Awards
  • Invited to Dance in Opening Number in Nationals : Eva Evangelista ,
  • Jordan Kobeck, Victoria Reith
  • “Gumby Award” awarded to Neghisti Ghebremedhin
  • “Emotional Excellence Award” awarded to Sophia Gizzi
  • “The Seamless Transitions Award” awarded to “Dancing Through The Decades”
  • “Picture Perfect Award” awarded to “Count on Me”
  • “Legs For Days Award” awarded to Alex & Gigi
  • “The Ultimate Entertainment Award” awarded to “Spaceman”
  • “Danced From the Heart Award” awarded to “Feel Again”